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A Day At The Beach...and the Distillery....On The Road...

by Teresa Notarmaso  
Well, it's Sunday here and a day off from in-class studies. Still a day-on for learning about Northern Ireland and its' culture.  For example, did you know 'craic' (pronounced 'crack') is not the same as the stuff taking over the youth in many parts of America (meth/crack) - in Northern Ireland, it means to have conversation, fun, good times - with or without a drink in hand?

And, as our WONDERFUL tour guide Garvin said today, "The Troubles - history - let's keep it that way, painted the picture for how Derry/Londonderry and Northern Ireland, at least in some parts, are trying to maintain getting along with both sides.  Without waxing philosophic, I can at least say a great example of this is the difference in focus between two current cities in Northern Ireland, and the news they chose to report, on this day, a snapshot:

From the Derry Journal, some titles today:

2013 City of Culture Hung On Derry's Walls

From the Guardian UK today:

Belfast union flag dispute is lightning rod for loyalist disaffection

From the BBC today:

Belfast Flags Trouble: Warning to Rioters

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