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Dunluce Castle
by Charlie Murray
On Sunday Debbie, Kyle, and me took a road trip from Derry along the coast . It was a very scenic trip that took us along the northern coast through Coleraine, Bushmills, and ultimately to the Giants Causeway.  Along the way I noticed that all I saw were British flags and a lot of red, white, and blue curbs. We had several stops where we engaged the people and they all called this town Londonderry.  I could feel a distinct difference in the environment.
Giants Causeway at dusk
 We met the lady in the gift shop at the Giants Causeway and she asked the usual where are you from and where are you staying?  When we told her we were staying in Derry, she said she hates Derry and that she will drive twice the distance to Belfast to shop.  When we asked why she dislikes Derry she said "the people aren't nice there". 

As most of you know we had a flat on the way back.  This was a blessing because it turned the trip into an adventure.  We hadn't eaten since breakfast and we wanted to stop for fish and chips.  Well we had the flat first, so while waiting for help we walked to the Bushmills Inn.  It was an amazing old Inn with a coal burning fireplace and a fantastic restaurant.  I had the best venison and haggis ever!   I also found the hospitality I thought we had left back in Derry.  As you can see in the picture, the entree doesn't come with sides, so after we ate there we walked down the street and finally got our fish and chips.  We stood talking to the wrecker driver about the tire in the rain and eating fish and chips.  He took us along with the car to a gas station to get a tire put on and again I didn't feel as welcome.  The guys at the station didn't talk to us much; they just changed the tire and we were on our way.  Needless to say we arrived back in Derry very late and totally exhausted.  However, It was an adventure I will never forget.  Thanks Debbie and Kyle for a wonderful day!

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  1. Charlie, Why are the folks kinder in Derry than in Londonderry? Did you find out what some of the issues are that still have Londonderry residents so 'standoffish' from 'outsiders'?


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