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Dinner from a familiar place

by Kyle Clanney
Tonight, I decided to wander off and get lost walking around Derry. In the process I wondered through the mall and after about an hour or so I walked upon a McDonald’s. Normally, I would just walk by and not consider eating there, but a few years ago a co-worker of mine told me that in Europe the beef and chicken were of a better quality than in the US. I thought why not try it while I am here. The main reason I do not eat McDonald’s  for other than the highly caloric meals is that I worked at one for a year and a half in high school and the smell of the grease from the fryers still makes me somewhat nauseous .  While I was in line waiting this McDonald’s was as busy as any I have seen on Friday night and  I noticed the kid making the French fries was wearing a partial hazmat suit with a SWAT team gear mask.  As told to me after from another worker after eating that it is a requirement for all who are working the fryers to wear this additional safety gear.  This is definitely something I did not wear during my time and I used to have a few small grease burns to prove it.

Once making my way through line I decided to order a Chicken Legend sandwich with Spicy Tomato Salsa and potato wedge fries that came with sour cream and chives (I guess a substitute for ranch dressing here) dipping sauce. After eating this I would agree with my co-worker that the chicken sandwiches here are better than the ones at home, even though my judgment of a fried chicken sandwich from McDonald’s maybe skewed since last eating one 10 years ago.  In addition, I enjoyed that wedge fries with sour cream and chives sauce.  In the end I will say that for under £6 it was a pretty good meal and my opinion of my former employer’s food has changed a little.

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