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Jamming at the Rocking Chair

By Kyle W. Clanney
I first met Sean at the Bogside Inn on Saturday while I was having a “steak” and watching horse racing. He seemed like a really quite person who kept to himself and then as I started chatting with the other people in the bar he noticed I was American and became interested to find out more about me.  I mentioned to him that I was from Indianapolis and asked if he had heard of the Indy 500. In addition, I mentioned that I was here with Gonzaga for peacebuilding through dialogue until January 13th and June the only woman of seven people stated that she read it in the local paper.  Once Sean realized I was going to be around this week and found out I was staying in the Tower Hotel he asked if I would come see him play at the Rocking Chair on Tuesday night. His friends at the bar were talking him up, but he would defer to his music partner Gay McIntyre, who he holds in high regard.

As Sean played he was personable with the crowd and when finishing the song he was very modest by deflecting the applause to Gay. Sean seems to be a very genuine person and well-liked by everybody. Since Sean was aware from the previous meeting that I lived in Indianapolis he went ahead and played “Back Home in Indiana”, which is a traditional song played and the Indianapolis 500 race on Memorial Day weekend.   Even though I only spent a few hours with the guy, I felt like I made a friend for life that I could come in visit.

Throughout the night there were others who played and sang along including Joan who is very good at playing the Irish Fiddle.  There was also an 11 year old girl who plays the fiddle; she came out to start the night off.

Here are links for the videos I shot on my iPhone for anyone who was not there or for anyone that would like to hear them again.


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  1. Kyle-We should have more pubs in the good ol' U.S. of A.! Loved the videos-thanks for sharing!


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