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Whiskey in my porridge...

By Jessica Fresques

At our first breakfast in Derry there was whiskey available to pour into the porridge. I found the porridge to be good, but I couldn't bring myself to add a shot of whiskey to it. However, after our first day of classes we went walking about Waterloo street and we walked into a Derry Gift Shop. In the Derry Gift Shop we struck up conversation with the salesperson, Emmett. In conversation we asked about the whiskey in porridge and Emmett told us that irish people put the whiskey in their porridge to to keep warm when they are cold. He said it is very common even at a young age to put whiskey in porridge.

Another tid bit the Irish may share with you about whiskey - is it cures everything! Having become sick while I've been here, I went down to the pub to have some soup and the bartender (Garret or Gareth) told me a little hot whiskey with sugar would help. I asked "is that the cure?" and he said "whiskey is the cure for everything."

Lastly, at the Bushmill's factory after we all paid admission, we were given hot whiskey with sugar in a mini glass (the size of a shot glass). I wasn't sure if we were suppose to sip it or shoot it. So, I asked... I found out you sip it! Lol!

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  1. Hi! I'm Charlie's wife, Denise, and have also heard that whiskey is the 'cure for everything'! As I drink alcohol only occasionally, I had a friend who would swear by a glass of whiskey to help his colds. I just figured if one drank enough whiskey, one would eventually FORGET all about one's ailments! LOL :)


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