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a prayer of peace

by Jessica Fresques
Today when we met as a group Dr. Caputo said a short prayer by Father Anthony De Mello. The prayer was:  "The way to peace is, 'yes'". I feel this short prayer is relevant to what we have experienced and learned in our time spent in Derry. 

One thing I've learned and heard from several people I've met is peacebuilding takes time and it is not going to happen over night. This is something we sometimes forget as humans, we desire instant gratification and when we do not receive instant gratification we feel as though we have failed and sometimes want to give up. 

In Derry there are individuals and groups that are working at the grassroots level to bring peace to each community. The programs are set up to help build relationships through dialogue and storytelling. Storytelling for many is a way of healing. Learning the storytelling process and sharing our own stories with our classmates was an unforgettable, touching and valuable.

There is a lot we can all learn from each other if we can learn to love and respect each other. Sharing our own experiences and acknowledging our differences is a way to create understanding and empathy. Through this process we are able to say "yes" to peace.

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