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Are our eyes deceiving?

by Teresa Notarmaso
My colleagues and I were out this evening, after a nice meal we decided to walk the wall in Derry. We approached the section overlooking the sign saying Londonderry Forever, No Surrender....and we saw three young men, two of whom appeared to be taking down two Union Jacks off a pole.  It was night and dark, but they were in full view under the street lamp.  One was on the roof, the others on the ground.  We were unsure if their intentions were legit or we watched, they were successful taking down first two and then a third battered flag from two was in the dead of night, so I was certain (?) their intentions were less than honorable.  Yet as we watched, we saw one of them take one of the flags and press it to the crest of Great Britain on yet another display....not sure if what we were watching was approved, or not, and for what purpose.  Still lots of questions in this beautiful area, full of the past.....

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