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In A Manner of Speaking

By Kathleen Fueston

     One of the things I’ve enjoyed most in this part of the world has been listening to the Irish people speak.  They are very friendly and engaging. Their dialect is quite lovely and what I would describe as positive and “up”.  Most sentences are completed with an up tone rather than a down tone, like most Americans speak.   

     I thought I would share some of my most favorite phrases I have heard whilst in The Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland.  Apologies to my friends and family at home who have had to put up with my Irish greetings in my emails and texts.  I’ve been trying to help you feel a wee bit of the experience we are having on the Emerald Isle.  By the way all of you Gonzaga Derry Students, these were all approved by our buddy Connor.

How you go?  - Bout? (What about you?)  - Hi you.
What's a Craic? (How are you?)

A cup of tea and biscuits (cookies or scones) can be
found day or night.
Irish Versions of Sayings
Small – wee bit
Trash can – Rubble Ben or Litter
Bathroom – Toilet or Jacks
Mom – Mum or Mammy
Dad - Me Da
Little girl – wee cutty (Wee small tiny thing)
Awesome – smashing or brilliant
Yes - Aye
A cup of tea- A spot of tea or a bag o' Charlie
When you’ve missed out on something - I’m ragin’
I’m crushing on you.  - I’m sparking for you
No bother  - OK or sure
Flu shot – Winter Jab Service
Fun – craic (crack)

Here are some of my favorite signs that I have come across on my wanderings:


Here's how you get a number
for the fitting room.

 A trash can in the city.

Another trash bin in one local Build a Burger restaurant.

This explained mind your manners to me.

    Watch out for speed bumps.                                                                
 The toilet or loo - this one was quite fancy.
Now for a few random stories behind the pictures:
The men in our group kept mentioning a wonderful map of Ireland in their bathroom just outside the restraunt at the Tower Hotel and the women in the group would say, "Well we didn't get a map in our bathroom." Finally, one day we asked Charlie if he could check if "the coast was clear" in the men's bathroom and the women invaded to go see the map.  This is the evidence of our adventure!
The Irish love their dogs. The dogs can be found all over the city walking their owners.  One day as we went for a walk on the Peace Bridge, we met Rocky. Rebecca asked if she could take him home with her to be her support dog.  The man laughed and said no.  At least we got to pet this cute pup! 

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