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Say it with Music

By Shelley Svedahl 

Eamon Harkin has been a musician for nine years now. A self-taught musician, he bares his soul on the streets of Derry. My conversation with this talented young musician was well worth the five-pound donation I added to his slim collection of coins. We chatted about music and I questioned him about his music preferences. When I asked him if he liked the group ‘Mumford and Sons’, he explained he preferred Irish music and named a couple of good Irish musicians</i> including Van Morrison, The Smiths and The Frames.
Clearly, the boundaries of the country and its politics are evident in the music and I don’t mean just the lyrics. I never for a minute considered that the band Mumford and Sons are from the UK, and yet that was made evident by Eamon’s response that he preferred ‘Irish’ music. Eamon is working on recording his first album and hopes to have a UTUBE video available sometime soon. I promised to watch for him in music-land online and passed him my card along with an invitation to come to Canada sometime soon. He admitted he hopes to visit Canada one day. This aspiring artist would be welcome in my home. By the way, I went to the hmv store in the Richmond Center Mall and learned they were SOLD OUT of all Mumford and Sons albums.

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  1. I saw the same guy as I walking into the mall tonight. He might be waiting for you to come by again with a generous £5 donation.


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